These are the projects currently available as workshops. I am happy to tailor classes to suit you and your students. To find out about booking me for a workshop please visit the main workshops page.

Beaded Embroidery

Learn to incorporate beads into your actual embroidery stitches.  Students are taught a variety of textured and raised stitches incorporating beads into the stitches. One or two day workshop. Materials can be provided or students bring their own.

Beaded Scissorkeeper faded 400         Beaded Thimble holder soft edge 400


Beaded Jewellery – NEW!

Create your own piece of unique jewelley – brooch, necklace or earrings.  Learn to embroider incorporating beads into your embroidery stitches.  Creative, fun, one-day workshop – kit or pack for class provided.

Beaded jewellery ( x 2 soft edgeHearts & PearlsBeaded jewellery - A river runs through it Soft edge 400 (2)

Beyond X-Stitch

A course aimed at those who would like to try their hand at embroidery but have never been shown. Aimed at the complete beginner. Students will learn a number of basic stitches enabling them to work on a small design piece in class, to be completed at home. One day workshop. Students supply own materials or can purchase a kit.

PP15 Sunshine & Flowers FN   Button on cushion single strand     Lavender stitched with lazy daisy stitch!jpg

That Blooming Bullion! – Beginner to intermediate

Learn to perfect the bullion stitch in a few easy steps. Using this versatile stitch, you will learn to embroider different flowers including rosebuds, roses, daisies, fuchsias, etc. Students supply own materials.

bullions-basket-200    bullions-hedgehog-200Initials bullions
bullions-bee-200    pp4-lavender-close-up-bees-plus-ljb-200Bullions for button

Cast on Bullions and its variations – Intermediate

Learn all about the cast- on bullion and its variations, with this versatile stitch. You will embroider amongst others, 3- dimensional pansies, fuchsias and roses. The same stitch can be used to create insects! Intermediate level. Supply own materials.

Roses and pansies 400 (2)

Crazy Patchwork – All levels

Learn the basics of crazy patchwork by hand. Students will learn a number of stitches for embellishing this type of patchwork. One day workshop. ( Can be done over 2- 4 days for a more in depth workshop.) Students supply own materials.


cp lILAC AND PINK (3)PP16 400Workshop vignette Crazy bag 400 (3)        PP16 Crazy patchwork treasure


Dimensional Variations on a Stitch – Beginner to Intermediate

Learn a variety of 3-dimensional stitches, including bullion, cast on bullion, double-sided cast-on stitch , drizzle stitch, amongst others and create your own small design piece. One or two day workshop. Kit can be provided or students supply own materials.

  Front of Monogrammed scissorkeeper 2 (2)          l-for-lavender-bag-pic-no-frame

Drizzle Away! Beginner – Intermediate

Enjoy experimenting with this lovely 3-d stitch and some of its many possibilities. One day workshop. Kit can be provided or studenst supply own materials.  One day workshop.

Counting sheep! JPG (4)Lavender drizzle 300Buttons - sheepLavender L (2)

Embroider, embellish and enhance – All Levels

Create your own piece(or more) of vintage jewellery, e.g. brooch or necklace or small needlework item such as pincushion or needlecase, using beads, vintage laces, sequins, ribbons, threads, etc. Materials can be provided or students can bring their own. One or two day workshop.

PP17 On oak soft edge 600Beaded brooch cream 400

Folded Ribbon Roses – Beginner to intermediate

Learn to fiddle and twiddle and make three dimensional roses of all shapes, sizes and variations – use satin ribbons, organza, wired ribbons, etc. Can be appliquéd onto bags, hats, embroidery, etc. One day workshop. Students supply own materials.

Ribbons and Roses garden party hat (3)Roses for my niece, Aislinn 400 Design pieces for Aussie 400

Landscapes Made Easy – Beginner to intermediate

Embroider a small landscape using photo transfer techniques. Students will learn how to transfer a small picture onto fabric and will then embroider and embellish the landscape to form a 3-dimensional picture. One day workshop. Photo transfers supplied at £1.00 each. Students supply own materials.

Tree and Gate resized name 3

Mystical Dragonflies and Interesting Insects – Beginner to Intermediate

Using a variety of stitches, mediums and techniques, learn how to embroider bees, dragonflies, ladybirds, caterpillars, butterflies, etc. Students embroider and embellish them using creative 3-dimensional techniques. Start a small project in class and complete at home. Students supply own materials or kit supplied.  (Can be done over 2 days for a more in depth workshop.)

Bullion bee (2)Caterpiller double sided French knot dragonfly

Pinweaving my way! Beginners – Intermediate

Learn the art of weaving all sorts of ribbons, fabrics and threads together to design a landscape. Students will then learn to embroider and embellish into this freestyle piece of work, using 3-dimensional stitches. Students supply own materials, however a scrap bag will be available for students to help themselves to at a nominal fee.

Pinweaving by Aislinn Riding 400Hope Alderton bag 400

Bag created by Hope Alderton in workshop!


 Silk Ribbon – All levels – NEW

Work with Hanah bias cut ribbons and create a variety of flowers to form your own wreath or posy or as desired. Ribbons available to purchase. Workshop pack available. One day workshop.

Bouquet de Fleurs section no border       Section of Design pieces for Aussie

Silk Ribbon Embroidery – Introduction!

A one-day workshop aimed at the beginner. I provide a simple workshop pack which enables the students to learn the stitches unique and basic to ribbon embroidery. Students will create a simple garden of their own making. Full workshop pack supplied.  A one day workshop.

Standard Rose               PP13 Pink & lilac   Victorna Roses & Wisteria Pinc and scissorkeeper   Forget-me-not

Spring Garden on linen

Silk Ribbon – Intermediate

For those who have a basic knowledge of silk ribbon embroidery. Students will experiment with a variety of stitches and discover how the stitch can be used to form a number of different flowers. A sampler or design will be worked on. Workshop pack supplied or students can bring own materials. One or two day workshop.

Spring Garland Section          Garland 2 section  Section Petit...

Silk Ribbon – Advanced

For those who would like to learn the more advanced and experimental stitches used in silk ribbon embroidery. A one day workshop during which time students will work on a sampler and add to what was learned in the intermediate class. Design ideas supplied but students supply own materials.

Silk ribbon advanced fuchsias          Beaux Rubans 4 (2)            Posy for Russia 003 (4)      Hannah sweet pea (2)

Stitches Galore!

Learn a variety of straightline stitches and create a small bag incorporating textured stitches, ribbon work and beaded stitches. A fun workshop aimed at all levels. Students provide own materials. A one day workshop.


Cream roll bag soft edgeCream roll bag end

Stumpwork – Beginners

Learn the fundamental stitches of Stumpwork and work towards completing a simple design, which encompasses the basics of this traditional technique. A kit can be supplied or students provide their own materials (Design idea or pattern provided!). Students need to have a general knowledge of embroidery stitches.

 Berries for the Birds Bag picBerries for the Birds inside pic

Stumpwork – Intermediate to Advanced

Work on the above learned skills to advance and experiment with Stumpwork techniques. Students will work on a more complicated design – kit supplied or students provide own materials with pattern supplied. Students need to have a basic knowledge of stumpwork techniques.

Sweet Pea pic (2) Branching Out 400Beehive pic